"Malt's Honeymoon"

A flavor extravaganza to be sipped with single malt Macallanโ€™s scotch…An unforgettable wedding desert for scotch lovers!

~~~ Ricky West ~~~

Malt’s Honeymoon is the marriage of a scotch and flavor assortment…Single malt scotch dilutes very easily when mixed with other ingredients. Scotch aficionados take this loss of flavor very seriously. To avoid this dilution, and show respect to the fine Macallan scotch, the liquor has been segregated from the complimentary flavors that it is paired with!

This liquor experience comes in 3 parts:

  • The scotch glass is filled with three ounces of 86 proof Macallan’s 12-year triple cask, single malt Scotch and chilled with whiskey stones.
  • Malt’s Bride is a mocktail, separated from the scotch out of respect and to reduce dilution of flavor. Raspberry, blueberry, orange, mint, and a champagne bubble.
  • A piece of Ghiradelli Dark chocolate.

Sip the scotch and enjoy combining the flavor with the Malt’s Bride and chocolate. There are no rules to how you enjoy and combine this drink experience!

Please, drink responsibly…

The bar price for Malt’s Honeymoon is $30

Available with Macallan Triple Cask 15-year and 18-year scotch. At additional cost.


“Wow! so smooth, like a baby’s bottom. The fresh fruit was wonderful in the drink. Gotta love a fresh fruit cocktail.”

“I like how you can decide the ratio of whiskey-fruity stuff & make it as strong or fruity as you like (I liked mine fruity!)”

“Goddamn scotch whiskey. This drink blew my mind, yo. Fruity, pretty, dank.”

“Strong and smooth!”

“Macallan’s is amazing! Malt’s Honeymoon gives me so many flavors to try it with.”

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