‘When I said I was afraid to go to jail I didn’t realize I was already in jail!  I’ve spent my whole life working for men I’m smarter than, better than!  Well when is Bloom going to get his share?  When is it going to be Bloom’s day?  I want…I want everything I’ve ever seen in the movies!’           

“Haha! And Bloom, you’re going to have it!  Because….we can do it!”

~~~ Leo Bloom & Max Bialystock (The Producers, 2005) ~~~

It is often that we don’t run towards our dreams because we fear risks.

“What if my business fails and I go under? I’m throwing away my stable career. People might laugh at me.”

These are only a few of the thoughts I can come up with.

But I fear something much more, staying in a cage of conventional ideas and life. Never living up to my potential, is one of the most horrible futures I can imagine.

To reach my potential, have more pure life than I can currently comprehend, and to bring my value and impact to the world. I have to take a gamble on myself.

You know what? “We can do it!”

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