"All hands on the birthday deck"

1st of all, welcome to my website!

Everything posted here is to be shared for the benefit and entertainment of us all. I look forward to seeing a community develop over time!

What to see in this blog:

I’m a multi-talanted person. I love writing, designing cocktails, traveling, dancing, making art work, and sharing knowledge. This blog covers a lot of ground! No matter what you browse through, I work hard to make my content the highest quality for your pleasure!

This blog was designed to be a platform that I can scale into new and beautiful states. Expect exciting developments as the years go by!

As the website changes, I will make posts in my “See my latest news” category 😉

The current state:

The website is just being shared with the public now. I have made sure that it is functioning and user friendly. There is some content in all of the tabs, to at least give you all a glimpse of what is to come. This content is in a completed state, ready to be enjoyed! As of now, the website is still being edited, you all can expect large formatting changes going forward. I do most of my editing in the evenings.

What comes next?

My 1st priority is system building. The website format will be refined to the highest quality and I will be able to upload new content in the right places easily.

After I build this website to a more finished state: You all can expect to see aphorism posts on nearly a daily basis. I expect to add new photos at a decent frequency too. Other updates will not be published as frequently, not yet.


Parts of my site are meant to have an element of monetization. I will be considering how I can make money here so I have more time and incentive to add content regularly.

My 1st monetized product is a vlog course “Raise my rideshare!” This is a niche course that teaches Uber/Lyft drivers how to make more money, get higher ratings, and gain skills that could change their lives. This course will be up and functioning within a month.

My cocktails tab is currently for viewing pleasure only. I do not have a liquor license. However, I am open to private requests and job offers related to my cocktail making services. I will write a recipe book once enough cocktails are designed. There is a good chance I may do more with liquor in the coming years.


  1. I look forward to reading more. I too, am in the progress of creating my website. It’s till at the “good idea” stage, but have lots of ideas for future blogs. The very best of luck. Anne

    1. Thats the spirit Anne! Speaking as a former perfectionist, just do things. Make sure ideas don’t stay ideas. Do things and the practice will make your website perfect after a few years.

      1. Yeah, it will certainly take some time to get my head around the web building aspect of it alone 🙂 but as with Rome……

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