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The latest website news!

It has been 18 days since I launched this site! I am enjoying the process. Being fully forthcoming, there are days when I feel discomfort as I look at my current life and where I want to be. Soon after, I always remember that I am not falling into a hole, in fact I am moving forward. Just not moving forward as fast as I would like, not yet! This situation gives me full confidence in what lays ahead.

Great improvements have been made to my website since launch. Now, I am ready to make some big shifts in my life. So, it is time to write a website update for you. Now you know what is and what will be…

The current website state:

I have made many upgrades to my website since launch. My social media accounts are linked and I have made many formatting improvements. With all the posts I’ve done, I feel my writing style developing. All the time I add little style improvements. For example: adding emojis to every article title and learning word-press formatting improvements.

Short stories has been added as a article category. There is no need to add any more category varieties to the articles.

Unfortunately, I had to make changes to the filtered photo art and the page is still far from what I have in mind. I had to remove a lot of my work and don’t see the point of reposting my art in the current format when I intend to make another major change to that page.

What comes next for the website?

The next change will be to refine my social media connections to be razor sharp. I now have a social media following but I’m not using the sharing features I built into my website. I want a bit more polish to the social media process before I share each new post on facebook, twitter, instagram, and tumblr.

There is general website polish I want to make as well. I want to smooth out the category pages and make them more magazine like. Adding descriptions would be great!

Following that, I want to redesign the filtered photo art page. I have long term ambitions to sell pictures and will plan to redesign the page in August to move towards that goal.

My Raise my Rideshare course is on hold for now. The ad just expired and I have made a choice. There is enough engagement to merit a product, and my product can have an impact. There is not enough engagement to incite me to making over thirty carefully crafted videos. So, I will write a $15 eBook instead! I expect to have this done within two months.

The next new addition will be a new “Art” tab: Video Art! This would include dance videos and other fun projects involving videography. I don’t see this making me any money, unless a video went viral. This work would be work of passion and so is a secondary improvement.

I am still a long way from posting as much as I would like. I expect at least two more months before I have a money generating product on this site. For that reason, I will be slowing down website updates for a bit and get some movement in my life first…

Life shifts!

My website does immediately give me some monetary opportunities for job changes. Now that my website is up, I have a lot of material that gives me credibility in the fields of mixology and graphical design. I’ve enjoyed my time with Uber but am now ready to create new work.

I am only applying for remote work, which would allow me to live in other countries. How cool would it be for me to produce posts while living around the world?

Soon, I will be offering specialized cocktail mixology services to bars and catering companies. I’ll face more rejection, sure. This is how I learn, these will be the experiences that will form me into a savvy businessman one day!

Recently I found a contest made by Flor de Caña and Liquor.com: The Fair Trade Certified Cocktail Challenge! Four winning contestants will get a vacation to Nicaragua, make money, and have their cocktail featured. My cocktail, Volcano’s Bliss could easily be modified for this contest. Wish me luck, dear readers!

"Volcano bliss frame"

Additionally, I have decided to make a service gig on Fiverr. For those of you who don’t know, Fiverr is a site for offering and buying freelance services. Photo editing, voice work, business advice, website design and more are offered there. I will make my own service here.

I like to think of all this work as entry level learning in entrepreneurship.

Finally, I want to talk about you. My community.

I’m very grateful and pleased that so many of my posts are appreciated! This blog is gaining more likes and followers all the time. I want to take some time and say hello to my followers, read their blogs, and engage with you all more! It will be some months before I can be active on a daily basis but you can expect to hear from me if you are a follower.


"Lightrick on the move"

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