5 Melbourne Museums That Will Blow Your Mind

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Melbourne, Australia is an amazing city to visit or even live in. A multicultural hub, loaded with beautiful architecture and exciting activities! Among those activities are a cadre of exceptional museums that I recommend you visit. These museums made my jaw drop and my eyes pop, during my first stay in Australia.

The world, and all these museums, are closed by the Coronavirus pandemic as I write this article. As a result, you can’t visit these museums right now. The world won’t stay closed forever though, and when it opens these fine museums will be elated to welcome you in. So, without further ado, here are five Melbourne Museums that will blow your mind!

ACMI –Australian Centre for the Moving Image

  • Australia’s national museum of film, video games, digital culture and art
  • Federation Square, Flinders Street, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
  • 10 AM – 5 PM everyday
  • Free entry

Located in downtown Melbourne, AMCI is a great addition to any day plan in the city. Heck, I happened upon AMCI in my first days of exploring Melbourne. Since the museum is free and housed in an awesome building, attendance is a no-brainer. I can now say that AMCI stands among the best interactive tech-museums I have experienced!

AMCI has all the hallmarks of a good tech-museum: Amazing technology, good information, and interactive exhibits. There is something here for fans of Australian cinema, kids who need a good distraction, or guys like me who just want to experience something cool.

My standout experiences included learning more about image technology, seeing great optical illusion exhibits, taking a selfie with Mad Max’s car, admiring a life sized model of Lara Croft, and beholding a video game section made of Minecraft blocks!

Currently, the AMCI is closed for redevelopment. Be sure to give the AMCI a visit when the museum, and world, reopens!


  • An immersive gallery experience, lose yourself in a sea of color
  • The District Docklands, Level 1, 26 Star Crescent, Docklands VIC 3008, Australia
  • 10 AM – 4 PM Mon – Fri, 10 AM – 6 PM Sat – Sun
  • Ticket prices are $28 for adults and $18 for children

Artvo is plain fun, taking museum interactivity to levels unheard of! This museum is a gallery of over 100 paintings drawn by Korean artists. These paintings are designed so that you can enter them and become part of the scene. Photography is highly encouraged, and Artvo has marked locations where the best photos can be snapped. I’d highly recommend bringing at least one friend. Afterall, those who pose need someone to take their picture.

If you like posting photos on instagram, Artvo is a must see! My friends and I captured incredible pictures from this venue. Two of my crew used an Artvo photo as their new facebook profile picture. We all had a great time setting up our perfect pose for each of the 100+ paintings we became part of.

As a bonus, Artvo is located in the Docklands of Melbourne. This is a beautiful harbor with loads of fun things to do before or after a visit to Artvo, including a ferris wheel called the Melbourne Star.

Immigration Museum

  • Journey through Melbourne’s history and explore stories of people who have migrated from all reaches of the world
  • 400 Flinders St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
  • 10 AM – 5 PM everyday
  • Ticket prices are $14 for adults and free for children

If you are a tourist who wants to have fun for a few days in Melbourne, you can give the Immigration Museum a miss. This museum is for people who want to better understand Australia and its history. And, oh boy, this museum is a must see for that kind of person!

The Immigration Museum explains the history of Australian Immigration with great clarity. There are many synopses of different time periods with plenty of real stories to give context to the attitudes of the times. Additionally, the museum has a massive library of books on Australian immigration. There is so much information here, I would have visited twice if I had stayed in Australia for longer.

Like all countries, Australia has had a history of both kindness and cruelty towards outsiders. Here you will learn about the European colonization, treatment of aboriginals, periods of jingoism, and ultimately how Australia became the multicultural nation it is today.

The Immigration Museum may be closed by the pandemic, but you can still take a virtual tour. After checking out the next two spectacular museums listed below.

Melbourne Museum

  • Showcases Australian social history, Aboriginal cultures, science and the environment
  • 11 Nicholson St, Carlton VIC 3053, Australia
  • 10 AM – 5 PM everyday
  • Ticket prices are $15 for adults, free for children and international students

Here is the big one, literally the largest museum in the Southern Hemisphere. Melbourne Museum is massive, beautiful, and has something for everyone. Possessing enormous exhibits of many varieties. This is a museum that demands multiple visits.

I visited Melbourne Museum twice, and managed to take in three major exhibitions. My 1st visit was entirely focused on the Aboriginal exhibit. The Aboriginals are an amazing group that would take many years to understand, and Melbourne Museum’s exhibit is a great introduction to their culture. Along with Aboriginal artifacts, the exhibit contained many historical stories, and even modern testimonials from those with Aboriginal lineage.

My next visit was focused on the natural history and geodes exhibits. These exhibits were as good as any I have seen around the world. The geode collection was especially amazing, due to how complete it felt. Even after everything I saw, there was so much left unseen before I departed from Australia.

Melbourne Museum may be closed by the pandemic, but you can still take a virtual tour. Don’t go before seeing the final entre of this article though.

Phillip Island Wildlife Park

  • Hand feed and pat Kangaroos and Wallabies
  • 2115 Phillip Island Rd, Cowes VIC 3922, Australia
  • 10 AM – 5 PM everyday
  • Ticket prices are $19 for adults and $9 for children

Yes Phillip Island Wildlife Park is a zoo. I’m cheating a bit by including the Wildlife Park, and I don’t care. It is too good to be left out of my list! Phillip Island Wildlife Park is a large wildlife reserve. What makes it special is that you can feed and even pet many of the animals living here. This is the spot for visitors who have always wanted to see Kangaroos and Koalas up close. Naturally it is a great spot to bring kids, they will lose their minds.

These were the highlights of my visit. I gave back massages to a few kangaroos, and became buddies with the albino kangaroo. Feeding the emus was great. A word of warning about the Emus though, they are snappy eaters. Koalas sleep for 18 hours, so you have to get lucky if you want to hold one. Sadly, this was not my day to hug a Koala.

Phillip Island, as a whole, is a great spot to visit for a day! This Wildlife Park would make an excellent start to your visit. Afterwards, you can chill on the beaches and end the day by visiting the Phillip Island Penguin Parade.

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  1. Weston! How great to catch up with you via your blog. Australia is still on my bucket list, along with New Zealand, and your info will inform our itinerary….eventually. Hope you and yours are all well — we are hunkered down in Houston and keeping in touch with family and friends,including re-connecting with friends like you!
    A and V

  2. Very fun!
    They all sound great but I especially would like to see artvo.
    Thx for all the info. Think I’ll take a virtual tour.

  3. What a great article… very upbeat for our times. These museums are fascinating and very unique. Being of Irish descent I am particularly interested in the Immigration Museum and will definitely seek out a virtual tour. Many thanks for sharing!

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