Hello and welcome! My name is Weston. You can call me that, or Wesley, or Ricky West or just Wes if you’re into the whole brevity thing. This is a website for travelers and seekers of personal freedom. Have you ever asked yourself one of the following questions:

  • How can I become a digital nomad?
  • What can I do to gain location independence?
  • Can I make a lot of money while living in a low-cost region?
  • Can I have friends all over the world?
  • What is required to get dual citizenship?
  • How do I start an international business?
  • How do I navigate all the tricky rules and economics of travel?

These are all questions I will answer in time, for you and me. So that we who pursue happiness, freedom and adventure can achieve a life that inspires us every day!

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A few fun facts about me!

You can find me crafting cocktails. When I’m not traveling, meeting new people and posting.

Or maybe you’ll see me take a few photos here and there. Pictures that I’ll later edit and turn into digital art.

Of course, anyone who has seen me at a party will tell you I can be found in the middle of the dance floor!

"Ricky the wedding dancer"

Contact Info

Name: Weston Davis
Email: weston@manofthewest.blog
Phone: 650-597-2181

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