🌶 Three-eyed “Tres-ojos” Don 🤠

“Are you ready to meet Tres-Ojos Don?” ~~~ Ricky West ~~~ Three-eyed Don…a sweet and tart drink that warms the body with an after taste of spice! The drink is distinguished by its three red pomegranate eyes and the majesty of Don Julio’s finest tequila… A close look at Don’s red eyes… Includes two ouncesContinue reading “🌶 Three-eyed “Tres-ojos” Don 🤠”

🌋 Volcano’s Bliss 🍍

Feel the bliss of volcano grown rum…A sweet summer refresher for vacations… ~~~ Ricky West ~~~ Volcano’s Bliss, named for Flor de Caña! This rum is distilled in Chichigalpa at the base of San Cristóbal; an active volcano in Nicaragua! In that spirit, Volcano’s Bliss has a thin upper crust that masks volcanic ingredients justContinue reading “🌋 Volcano’s Bliss 🍍”

🥃 Malt’s Honeymoon 💍

A flavor extravaganza to be sipped with single malt Macallan’s scotch…An unforgettable wedding desert for scotch lovers! ~~~ Ricky West ~~~ Malt’s Honeymoon is the marriage of a scotch and flavor assortment…Single malt scotch dilutes very easily when mixed with other ingredients. Scotch aficionados take this loss of flavor very seriously. To avoid this dilution,Continue reading “🥃 Malt’s Honeymoon 💍”