🌶 Three-eyed “Tres-ojos” Don 🤠

“Are you ready to meet Tres-Ojos Don?”

~~~ Ricky West ~~~

Three-eyed Don…a sweet and tart drink that warms the body with an after taste of spice! The drink is distinguished by its three red pomegranate eyes and the majesty of Don Julio’s finest tequila…

A close look at Don’s red eyes…

Includes two ounces of Don Julio Reposado and one ounce of Grand Marnier. Both bottles have a ABV of 40%.

Composed of fine sweet-and-sour, mango, lime, serrano syrup, and egg whites.

Please, drink responsibly…

This tequila drink has all the composition of a margarita. Expect a sweet front taste and spicy after taste.

The spice is delicately balanced, so as to not overwhelm. You are welcome to ask for minimal spice, before the drink is prepared.

Three-eyed Don is designed to be served with dinner. It pairs well with savory meals!

The bar price for Three-eyed Don is $25

Available with Don Julio 1942. At additional cost.

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🌋 Volcano’s Bliss🍍

Feel the bliss of volcano grown rum…A sweet summer refresher for vacations…

~~~ Ricky West ~~~

Volcano’s Bliss, named for Flor de Caña! This rum is distilled in Chichigalpa at the base of San Cristóbal; an active volcano in Nicaragua!

In that spirit, Volcano’s Bliss has a thin upper crust that masks volcanic ingredients just below…

Includes two ounces of 12-year Flor de Caña and half an ounce of Grand Marnier. Both bottles have a ABV of 40%.

Zesty fruits of blackberry and pineapple. Maine Root – Ginger Brew and Harmless Harvest – Coconut Water . A thin layer of oreo crust is spread over the drink’s surface. Garnished with Orange and a blackberry.

Please, drink responsibly…

The bar price for Volcano’s Bliss is $15

Available with Flor de Caña 18-year & Flor de Caña 25-year rum. At additional cost.

Also available in pineapple cups! Double portions erupting out of a pineapple!

For $30


“A soft ascent to a juicy flower bed.”

“Fiery, complex flavors.”

“The rum taste combines well with the citrus taste”

“The first note on the palate is banana, then tropical fruit and just enough of the rum to shine on the finish. Many mixed drinks, especially with rum can over power the taste of the actual rum. This was an amazing palate experience.”

This cocktail is a promotion of Fair Trade!

In honor of Flor de Caña & Liquor.com’sFair Trade Certified Cocktail Challenge,” Volcano’s Bliss has been given a complete overhaul! There are now five ingredients used in this drink that are sourced from fair trade certified producers! See the bottom of the article to learn more about fair trade.

"Volcano bliss frame"
This was Volcano’s Bliss before the contest…

I learned where to find fair trade certified versions of some of my favorite ingredients by designing this drink and acting on the opportunities it has given back to me. I’m deeply thankful…

Dear readers, you may be asking what is fair trade? Here is a summary of fair trade features, all information sourced from Fairtrade America:

Fairtrade certified companies ensure that farmers who harvest the ingredients are informed of what their produce is worth protect their livelihoods with a set minimum price. Farmers worldwide are given more financial security and opportunities to communicate with each other. The risk of exploitative child labor is minimized. Protection from climate change and sustainability are key features of fair trade. Use of genetically altered products are forbidden.

Companies with Fairtrade certification do much to see that their employed farmers and the environment are respected.

Man of the West, supports initiatives that treat those who produce the food we love fairly and treat our environment with care!

Sadly, Volcano’s Bliss didn’t win the contest. The victor of the San Francisco bracket was Robert Kramer of Chandler, Arizona. Congrats Robert, and wishing you all the best!

There are many fair trade organizations that give out certification. This Guide to Fair Trade Labels by Fair Trade Winds speaks of those organizations.

Fairtrade International is the organization that certified four of the five fair-trade ingredients used in Volcano’s Bliss. This organization creates guidelines for fair trade certification and Florcert oversees the organization.

Fair for Life is another fair trade organization. Unique in that it can certify every step of a products process and companies as a whole. Harmless Harvest coconut water, used in Volcano’s Bliss, is certified by this organization. Fair for Life is overseen by Ecocert IMO.

For Bay Area natives, listed below are the liquor, soft drinks and fruit you love. The same ones I used to compose Volcano’s Bliss.

Listed below them are Fair Trade companies that produce them and distribute to the Bay Area. I’ll tell you what stores you can buy them at too.


  • Flor de Caña is amazing rum. 25 year Flor de Caña is the best rum I have tasted to date! All bottles are cheapest when bought at Total Wine.

Ginger beer

  • Maine Root ginger brew might be the only fair trade ginger beer in USA. And man, is it good! This ginger beer can be bought at Wholefoods. As a side note, I became personally acquainted with Maine Root’s administration in the making of this drink.

Coconut Water



"Malt's Honeymoon"

🥃 Malt’s Honeymoon 💍

"Malt's Honeymoon"

A flavor extravaganza to be sipped with single malt Macallan’s scotch…An unforgettable wedding desert for scotch lovers!

~~~ Ricky West ~~~

Malt’s Honeymoon is the marriage of a scotch and flavor assortment…Single malt scotch dilutes very easily when mixed with other ingredients. Scotch aficionados take this loss of flavor very seriously. To avoid this dilution, and show respect to the fine Macallan scotch, the liquor has been segregated from the complimentary flavors that it is paired with!

This liquor experience comes in 3 parts:

  • The scotch glass is filled with three ounces of 86 proof Macallan’s 12-year triple cask, single malt Scotch and chilled with whiskey stones.
  • Malt’s Bride is a mocktail, separated from the scotch out of respect and to reduce dilution of flavor. Raspberry, blueberry, orange, mint, and a champagne bubble.
  • A piece of Ghiradelli Dark chocolate.

Sip the scotch and enjoy combining the flavor with the Malt’s Bride and chocolate. There are no rules to how you enjoy and combine this drink experience!

Please, drink responsibly…

The bar price for Malt’s Honeymoon is $30

Available with Macallan Triple Cask 15-year and 18-year scotch. At additional cost.


“Wow! so smooth, like a baby’s bottom. The fresh fruit was wonderful in the drink. Gotta love a fresh fruit cocktail.”

“I like how you can decide the ratio of whiskey-fruity stuff & make it as strong or fruity as you like (I liked mine fruity!)”

“Goddamn scotch whiskey. This drink blew my mind, yo. Fruity, pretty, dank.”

“Strong and smooth!”

“Macallan’s is amazing! Malt’s Honeymoon gives me so many flavors to try it with.”