Flexible Work Can Radically Improve Your Work-life Balance

Flexible work at home on a laptop

Have you ever asked people what they want to get out of their careers? Many of the people I have talked to want to be millionaires, build a professional reputation, or do work that they love. These are all great answers, and yet something important is going unmentioned. What the daily life can you expect your career? Money, status, and work won’t bring you happiness if you don’t also have a good work life balance. This is why we would all do well to seek suitable flexible work arrangements in our jobs and careers.

What is flexible work?

Flexible work represents any alternatives to the traditional 9 to 5, five day work week. We see examples of flexible work all the time, such as graveyard work shifts and part-time jobs. When people talk about flexible work, usually they are referring to either schedule flexibility or remote work. Deliberately seeking and attaining work flexibility gives people freedom and control over when and where they work.

Think in flexible work terms as you build your career, to get the lifestyle you want!

We all have different lives and would benefit from different work arrangements. Some people may want to work at night and be free in the day. Others may want to work from home, and be around their family. People like me want to travel while working. Flexible work make it all possible! Its up to each of us to know how we want to live and seek the flexible work arrangements that will make that ideal life a reality.

Here are real examples of people improving their work-life balance with flexible work:

Danielle’s story (read the full story on Flexjobs)

Danielle is a military spouse, her husband is a member of the US Air-force. Because her husband could unpredictably move as the Air-force requires, Danielle sought work that was not tied to a specific location. Danielle was hired as a training specialist for InVision. Her job included a work-from-anywhere flexible work arrangement. Now Danielle can be employed and stay with her husband wherever he moves to.

Mandy’s story (read the full story at Make the Leap Digital)

A little over two years ago, Mandy was an employee of LinkedIn with a great salary and many benefits. But in time, she realized she was tired of her 9 to 5 corporate job. Mandy desired “the freedom to work from wherever she felt happiest and most productive and have the flexibility to design her own work schedule.” And so she quit her job at LinkedIn and quickly became a successful entrepreneur. Now Mandy is free to work where she wants and how she likes to work.

Matt’s story

Matt is an employee at Tesla, and an entrepreneur. Tesla has an unusual work schedule for its employees. Twelve hour work shifts, for four days one week and three days the next. Tesla’s work schedule is not for everyone, but Matt loves it! His work week is done quickly and then he has 3-4 days a week of free time to develop his own business.

Weston’s story (read the full story on my “About” page)

My story is only beginning. At this point in my life, what I desire most is to see the world. Not on a two week vacation, but to freely explore it while working. I want to become a “digital nomad.” To live this life, I’m seeking companies that offer work-from-anywhere remote arrangements. Stay tuned to see how my story develops, and receive details on how I’ll make it happen!

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